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Original WineSaver®: the perfect wine bottle closure

The Original WineSaver® works using a sophisticated system: After use, a protective layer of argon noble gas forms a cover over the wine’s surface. It protects the wine from unwanted oxidation and prevents wine from losing its aroma. Argon noble gas is contained in the air we breathe, does not react with other substances and has therefore been successfully utilised for many years in the food industry. The quality of the ISO and CE-certified WINARO© Winegaz cartridges; is regularly monitored.

An array of long-lasting wine - at home and in the restaurant and hotel industries

This innovative wine bottle closure is ideal for use with your favourite wine at home or in the restaurant industry. Finally, you can now offer friends a selection of wine without feeling guilty, or expand your existing wine selection with the highest quality array of wines - with consistent quality from the first glass right through to the last glass. Find out more about the benefits.

Excellent alternative to wine closure using a vacuum

You may be aware of other methods that help preserve wine for longer. The most popular method is wine closure using a vacuum pump. The downside: Pumping by hand does not create a total vacuum and the stoppers are generally not thick enough, having a detrimental affect on the wine and its aroma. Each bottle also requires its own wine bottle closure. The Original WineSaver® is simply placed over the open bottle. To finish, the wine bottle is sealed with a cork to prevent oxygen from contaminating the wine. Find out more about how it works.

Great gifts for wine lovers: Wine bottle pourers and cooling collars

Exciting products are always being added to the WINARO® range and make perfect gifts for wine lovers. These include a wine cooling collar, for instance WINARO® MasterCooler and a bottle pourer WINARO® DropSaver. The cooling collar allows you to cool wine and keep it cool. The DropSaver is a practical wine pourer available in a variety of sets. Discover these and more wine-related gifts in our shop!

By the way: The Original WineSaver® is used by Mercure Hotels, among others. Our profitability calculator advises you as a restaurateur on what you can do to maximise profits.

Discover great gifts for wine lovers in our shop: From wine bottle closures and bottle pourers to wine cooling collars!