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Winaro Profitability-Calculator


With this calculator you can calculate your individual financial benefit when you use the Winaro Winesaver in your operation.
Simply enter in the input fields, the data of your company, and you get a feel for how much money you can save with the Winesaver and how little the costs are. Press the Tab key after each entry, the figures are recalculated.


Open wine bottles at end of day
Simple quality
Medium quality
High quality
Approximate residue %
Bottle size Ltr.
Glas size Ltr.
Costs for Winesaver per application
 € 0,18
WO / Bottle
RP / Glas
Turnover / Bottle
WO Loss
Lost turnover
Simple quality  €  €
Medium quality  €  €
High quality  €  €
Loss / lost turnover of one day
Loss / lost turnover in days
Winesaver use in the time (1x/day/bottle)
Profit improvement through year via usage of Winesaver