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Original WineSaver® verleiht Wein längere Haltbarkeit

How the WINARO® Original WineSaver® wine bottle closure works

When using our patented wine bottle closure device the remaining wine in the bottle is coated with a protective layer of argon gas which prevents oxidation, preserving your wine for longer. Argon is a colourless, flavourless and odourless noble gas. It is chemically completely inert, meaning it reacts with no components in the wine whatsoever, causing no change to the smell or taste as a result. Argon is completely non-hazardous to health. It is an EU-approved food additive (E 938). The production of the WINARO® Winegaz cartridges used in the wine bottle closure is ISO and CE-certified. The quality of the food-safe noble gas is regularly tested and monitored by recognised food chemists.

Original WineSaver® Haltbarkeit über ein patentiertes System auf Argonbasis

When used, the gas forms a protective layer over the wine, extending its shelf life by days and weeks. The wine bottle must be sealed with a cork to protect the wine from dust particles, fruit flies or other bacteria and to prevent oxygen from entering the bottle. When you come to enjoy your next glass of wine it makes sense to insert a new gas cartridge since the majority of gas will disappear upon pouring.

In contrast to popular wine closure methods that use a vacuum or nitrogen, the argon-based wine bottle closure has many benefits. Find out more about the methods of preserving wine for longer.


Reviews about the Original WineSaver® wine bottle closure device®

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Till Adrian, Head at the Institute of Thermal Process Engineering at Mannheim University, offspring of a winemaking family and recognised wine lover, it was a joy to provide a scientific review of the WINARO® WineSaver device.

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